Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tropical Cheers!!!

Found these martini glasses when I was doing some window shopping the other day.. The same day I got my G45 Tropical travelogue 12x12 pad delivered.. Soooo.. I ended up making these altered tropical martini glasses.. :) It was so much fun doing this and I pretty much like how it turned out.. 

And, before I start telling about the project, I should say I love Graphic 45 - Tropical Travelogue.. Oh my gosh, its so colourful, flowers, leaves, fish.. Truly fabulous collection and I have already ordered 2 more pad of it.. Tee hee.. 

Ok going to the project, I kept the theme Tropical.. 

Wanted to keep the first glass with the theme, Beach.. I tried to do this by having the beautiful sign board "BEACH".. Made hand cut flower to the base using papers which had sand like colour.. Altered a hat I got from the thrift store with a bow and flowers.. Tried to have some blues inside the glass to give a beach effect.. :) 


To give a martini effect added some distress stickles around the mouth of the glass and  added a flowers on a toothpick.. Put a note "Paradise" under the flower added a twine under it.. 

Made a tropical flower around the glass.. View from the bottom..

Kept the second glass with a tropical leaf theme.. Stuck leaves all over the glass and added some wild looking flowers in-between.. Made the flowers hang from the top giving a wild forest look.. (that was my husbands idea and I loved it..) Added the beautiful looking lady on the leaf base.. Inside the glass, I just added wild looking flowers and butterflies.. 

The inside of the glass has a triangle and not a circle look as I had made a paper cone and stuck to the inside.. It was not all that attractive when I started but I really liked the space I got by keeping it as a triangle.. :)

Its all filled with leaves when we see the view from the bottom..

I had fun doing this, hope you like it too.. :)


  1. Wow these are fantastic! Amazing detail work!

  2. This is gorgeous! I just wonder, how the heck did you even come up with this concept? I've just begun crafting about a yr now and I am totally blown away by your talent. I would NEVER even think of doing something like this LOL. Its beautiful! Do you have a YT channel I can follow? I do under, MZRICHFUL. hugs chickie

    1. :) Trust me, you just made my gloomy day so bright.. Thank you so much..
      I'm not into YT channel.. I wish to start one soon.. will keep you posted..