Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini for a Baby girl..

Have been lazy to take pics for past few days.. finally did it today.. :) This is a custom made baby girl scrapbook.. I am yet to put the name, b'day date and pics as I have no permission for that..

I found this baby dress shape and decided to try the 6 page scrapbook in that shape.. Flowers used are from wild orchid flowers site.. Thanks to Swati, my friend who sent me some flowers.. :) Got a huge lot of trims from ebay so used them also..

Papers: K & Company.. Using them for the first time and liked it..

I am quite happy with the outcome.. :)

The picture goes behind the flap and name will go down..

Place for 1 photo and on the other page there is a tag which can hold 2 pics and one can go behind.

Pic can be stuck or tucked behind the flower and the tag can again hold 2 pics..

Had this huge lace, I stuck it on top so that it can look like a veil for pic.. :) Have a flap which can hold 3 pics..

Both the sides have 3 fold sheets which can hold small size pics on both the sides..

Kept the last page simple..

I finally got a "Handmade By" stamp so that I can sign.. :)


  1. I checked out everything .... you key chains, your little tag books, the wall hangings....and these really cute baby things .... you have got some reeeeeeeeeeal talent. I am loving everything. How and when did you learn it? Or did u just learn by urself? I want something made....I'll send you my pic....i want something made out of my pic....for now a wall hanging....and i want a laddies purse ....that equals D&G in style.....something shiny and glamorous...hows that for an idea? make it solid and for party wear.

    1. Thanks so much harshini.. its nice to know that you spend time seeing all the posts.. I use to paper craft in school and collage but after that its only now that I started doing this and I'm having fun.. Thanks for the idea dear.. will surly try doing a purse.. And send your pic, I'll make a layout for you..

  2. By the way...u can start ur own Boutique