Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tropical Cheers!!!

Found these martini glasses when I was doing some window shopping the other day.. The same day I got my G45 Tropical travelogue 12x12 pad delivered.. Soooo.. I ended up making these altered tropical martini glasses.. :) It was so much fun doing this and I pretty much like how it turned out.. 

And, before I start telling about the project, I should say I love Graphic 45 - Tropical Travelogue.. Oh my gosh, its so colourful, flowers, leaves, fish.. Truly fabulous collection and I have already ordered 2 more pad of it.. Tee hee.. 

Ok going to the project, I kept the theme Tropical.. 

Wanted to keep the first glass with the theme, Beach.. I tried to do this by having the beautiful sign board "BEACH".. Made hand cut flower to the base using papers which had sand like colour.. Altered a hat I got from the thrift store with a bow and flowers.. Tried to have some blues inside the glass to give a beach effect.. :) 


To give a martini effect added some distress stickles around the mouth of the glass and  added a flowers on a toothpick.. Put a note "Paradise" under the flower added a twine under it.. 

Made a tropical flower around the glass.. View from the bottom..

Kept the second glass with a tropical leaf theme.. Stuck leaves all over the glass and added some wild looking flowers in-between.. Made the flowers hang from the top giving a wild forest look.. (that was my husbands idea and I loved it..) Added the beautiful looking lady on the leaf base.. Inside the glass, I just added wild looking flowers and butterflies.. 

The inside of the glass has a triangle and not a circle look as I had made a paper cone and stuck to the inside.. It was not all that attractive when I started but I really liked the space I got by keeping it as a triangle.. :)

Its all filled with leaves when we see the view from the bottom..

I had fun doing this, hope you like it too.. :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

For the man in my life.. :)

I wanted to make a layout for the topic "love".. I can't think of doing it for anyone other than the man I liked for close to ten years.. He has just stood by me in all my wishes and made me do all that I ever dreamt of in life.. Tomorrow is our wedding day and I really wanted to make this layout for him.. Kept separate pics of both of us as we spent most of time knowing each other in different places, to say it correctly in different continents..

But today, I am just so happy to be with him all the time.. :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Key holder..

I got this wooden bird from Michaels and altered it into a key holder.. Used Graphic 45 papers for the project and Martha Stewart adhesive.. Used hot glue for sticking the hooks..

Used the Tropical travelogue flowers and leaves on the birds head.. Added a jute bow along with it.. :)
Did a double layering for the eyes, added glossy accent to give a glossy finish to the eyes.. 

Tied a note to one of the legs and altered 2 cloth clips to attach to the other leg.. 

Kept the back simple, added a hook for hanging in the wall.. :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Layered Card..

I made this layered card few days ago.. One of my fav G45 design team member is Tara Orr, she made me realize that layering gives more dimension to a layout or a card..

For my best friend..

Some challenges are really interesting and makes you think, oh my gosh, I have been wanting to do this for a long time and what a chance now.. Hmm, thatz what I felt when I saw this March month challenge on blog.. I am yet to read the book but will do it soon.. 

My best friend is Ranjini and she has put up with me for a very long time, more than 15 years!!.. She stood by me in the best and worst days of my life.. She means a lot to me so I decided to make a layout for her.. I used the pic we had taken when we made a trip to London in 2010.. :)

I believe that the little things in life are what really matters.. So here goes a card on the same line.. :) Timeless memories are the beauty of life.. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sketch Time.. :)

Sketch time today.. I made this with one of Vasanthz snap.. I don't know why but I really like this snap of his.. :) I used 7 Gypsies papers for it.. Started with a 8x8 sheet and now its about 10x10 coz of my additions on the sides.. It looks more like a collage and I like that..

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini for a Baby girl..

Have been lazy to take pics for past few days.. finally did it today.. :) This is a custom made baby girl scrapbook.. I am yet to put the name, b'day date and pics as I have no permission for that..

I found this baby dress shape and decided to try the 6 page scrapbook in that shape.. Flowers used are from wild orchid flowers site.. Thanks to Swati, my friend who sent me some flowers.. :) Got a huge lot of trims from ebay so used them also..

Papers: K & Company.. Using them for the first time and liked it..

I am quite happy with the outcome.. :)

The picture goes behind the flap and name will go down..

Place for 1 photo and on the other page there is a tag which can hold 2 pics and one can go behind.

Pic can be stuck or tucked behind the flower and the tag can again hold 2 pics..

Had this huge lace, I stuck it on top so that it can look like a veil for pic.. :) Have a flap which can hold 3 pics..

Both the sides have 3 fold sheets which can hold small size pics on both the sides..

Kept the last page simple..

I finally got a "Handmade By" stamp so that I can sign.. :)