Tuesday, November 29, 2011

7 gypsies - "Off the wall"

7 gypsies, "Off the wall" paperline reminds me of my treks back in India.. The shoes make me think of my tired hunters, the kid with the balloon reminds me of watching innocent kids in the villages we walked by, the birds remind me of the photo shoots we used to wait and take [we always use to wonder why they sit on the electric wire and not on the bushes close to us!], the hands remind me of the silhouettes we enjoyed photographing.. On the whole, "Off the wall", gives a nostalgic feeling to me..

I really love the cover of this 8x8 book which has smaller sample pic of all its pages.. I wanted to do something out of it.. So, I just cut them and stuck them back to back.. Tore the tissue tape to a smaller size and used it as border.. Inked up the borders and on the blank side, I put some of the lines which is all about me..  Used a Tim holtz swivel clasps to put these 6 pieces together and added few charms to the other end..

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