Friday, February 10, 2012

Lion King Land..

I just had this lidless box in my scrap (its about 15x5 in size) and wanted to make a shadow box out of it.. I love huge flowers seen on fairytale movies so tried to implement them into this shadow box.. I picked up the Zazu from walmart which went perfectly with the background.. I wanted to give a early morning effect to the shadow box, so added a raising sun on one side and on the other side made few bats which are flying off to rest :-)

Made a wild spider crawling out from the plant :)

 Early morning is also shown with butterflies enjoying the nectar from the flowers..

I had used a tissue tape around the edges of the box..

It was fun making this project.. hope you like it too.. :)


  1. Jayatha, God bless you. Now only you are showing your talents. It is awesome. Best wishes. Love youmma.

    1. Thank you sooo much for all your blessings Abi auntie.. I am happy you liked my work.. :)

  2. Oh my God...How beautiful it is....great yaar....keep doing it...

  3. its a proof for work excellency.. I will give order once u come to India for my New home